See You
in Brussels!


SQUARE Convention Centre, Brussels
7-10 June, 2023



Forms of presentation you can have 

 State of the art session: 60 or 75 minutes. Presentation and discussion of new medical aspects/knowledge/publications which could change our work in General Practice (GP)/Family medicine (FM)

 Workshop: 60 or 75 minutes. Interactive group sessions about relevant topics for GP/FM, can also be used to train practical skills

 Symposium: 60 or 75 minutes. Presentation and discussion of different aspects of a special topic. To apply for a symposium, a framework abstract must be submitted which describes the overall topic, the title of the (max. 6) individual contributions and the names of the lecturers as well as the added value of a symposium presentation compared to individual lectures. It is NOT required to submit individual abstracts of lectures that are included in the symposium.

 Oral – Workshop report from the practice: From practice to research: Ideas about research projects out of GPs/FMs office 4 min presentation, 8 min discussion. Practitioners get the possibility to combine their own experience with ideas about research

 Oral – Science Slam: popular format of presenting results of scientific work: within 10 minutes you can evoke enthusiasm for science and address the public emotionally. They will vote for the best presentations which are proclaimed immediately at the end of the session.

 Oral – Lecture: 10 min, 5 min discussion

Oral –1 Slide – 5 minutes lecture: 3 min presentation, 2 min discussion

Case presentation by young doctors: Discussion of Diagnostic/Therapie with cases: 5 min presentation, 10 min discussion for young doctors and mentors

Poster: The poster can be presented on paper at the conference venue or only electronically. Special screens and search functions for that will be on site. Two options are available:
- Poster on paper + ePoster: Poster in paper format, which will be hung during the congress, but also available electronically
- ePoster only: ePosters can be searched and viewed on special screens, they are not hung up

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