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The Scientific Committee invites and encourages authors to submit abstracts to be considered for inclusion in the programme.
Authors must follow the guidelines for abstract submission set out below. Abstracts not conforming to these guidelines will not be considered.


Abstract submission deadline

The abstract submission deadline is on 24 January 2023.

    Presentation forms

    • State of the art session
    • Workshop (WONCA Network Workshop or regular workshop)
    • Symposium
    • Oral: From the practice to research
    • Oral: Science Slam
    • Oral: Lecture
    • Oral: 1 Slide – 5 minutes lecture
    • Case presentation by young doctors
    • Poster:
      • Poster on paper + ePoster
      • ePoster only

    Please find detailed information about presentation forms here.

    Language of the abstract and of the presentation

    • Language of the abstract: All abstracts must be submitted in English. Abstracts submitted in French, Dutch or other languages will NOT be considered.
    • Language of the presentation: You can choose the language in which you will present your abstract at the conference (English/French/Dutch).
    • The language of the conference will be "easy English" but selected sessions will be held in Dutch and French.  If you select the presentation language French or Dutch, your presentation will be scheduled in the French or Dutch speaking session, respectively.
    • Please keep in mind that French/Dutch speaking sessions which will be attended by fewer people. If you are able to present in English, please do not select the French or Dutch option.

    Submission rules

    • Each delegate can submit and present up to 4 (four) abstracts although they might be as a co-author in more than four. 
    • The submitting author of the abstract must be a presenting author (“the submitting author = the presenting author”).
    • The submitting (= presenting) author does not have to be the first author.
    • Please ensure your speaker choices take into account the principles of equality, diversity and inclusivity.
    • No corrections to the abstract text, authors, affiliations or change of presenting author are permitted after acceptance decision.

    Method of submission

    • All abstracts must be submitted only via the online form that is accessible in the User zone.
    • Abstracts sent by e-mail cannot be considered.
    • Authors can edit submitted abstracts at any time before the submission deadline. After the submission deadline abstracts will be locked and it will not be possible to edit them.
    • All correspondence concerning the abstract will be sent to submitting author’s e-mail address.
    • Authors will be notified about the delivery of their abstract by e-mail immediately. In case you will not receive confirmation within 24 hours, please check your spam folder. In case of no confirmation e-mail, please contact: 

    Abstract submission instructions

    • Submitted abstracts must be original. Abstracts previously published or presented at an international scientific meeting cannot be submitted.
    • Fill in the submitting author's name and e-mail address properly – these contact details will serve for further correspondence with the author(s).
    • Please indicate the appropriate Conference theme for a parallel stream of your preference.
    • The abstract submission form is very straightforward and submission should be easy to complete without special instructions. Some explanatory notes are given below the fields to be filled in.
    • EACME Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
      • Uploading the EACME Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form is part of the online abstract submission form.
      • Mandatory for all oral presenters (for presenters only not for all co-authors) - completing this form is required by European Accreditation Council on CME (EACCME®). Presenters who do not submit this form will not be allowed to present at the Conference.
      • You can download the form here.The form can also be downloaded from the online abstract submission form.

    Content of abstracts

    • Abstracts have to be written in English.
    • Title: Make the title of the abstract brief, clearly indicating the nature of the abstract proposal/research area. Use a capital letter for the first letter in the title only (DO NOT capitalize each word). The maximum length of the title is 20 words.
    • Names of the authors: Submit full given name(s) and a full family name. Do not include degrees or professional titles.
    • The length of the body of the abstract should not be more than 250 words.
    • Tables and pictures cannot be included in abstracts.
    • Please adhere to the content structure of your contribution that is given here.


    If you have any questions regarding abstract submission, please contact We will be happy to assist you.

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